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by Patric

Q: Neg Sphere but with 1.0 ADD for reading??

Hi, I went to the eye doctor yesterday and I need reading glasses. I ordered a pair through them but today asked them to send me my script so I can order a spare pair.

The said my Sphere in both eyes was -0.25 with and ADD of 1.00 But when I enter this into a online form I get a warning telling me I selected reading glasses and that usually the sphere is positive so I'm kinda worried about ordering them.

Is it possible to have a Neg Sphere for reading glasses?

A: Hello Patric,

It is possible to have a negative sphere for reading glasses. The thing is that if you have eyeglasses for far vision, the close vision diopters are shown as "addition", and this is always positive because it shows how many diopters you need to add to the far vision to get the close vision diopters.

For example, if you have +1.00 far vision diopters and an addition of +2.00 diopters, the near vision diopters will be +3.00... but if you have myopia, and for example -5.00 for far vision and an addition of +2.00 diopters, your close vision will be -3.00, so negative diopters.

So it is possible. You just have to make the difference between the addition and the close vision diopters. The near vision diopter is obtained by adding the addition to your far vision diopters.

If say you have for far vision -0.25 diopters, with the 1.00 addition, you will have +0.75 diopters for close vision, so yours is positive.

If you want to be sure, wait for your reading glasses to be ready and see what diopters are.

Hope this helps,

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