Near Reading Verifocal Lenses

by Dhiraj

Q: 2 x varifocal glasses with Zeiss Lenses.

I had to get this new pairs made as my eye prescription changed.

Both new pair reading good but not happy with Object vision. Object distortion i.e. books, documents/letters or pc monitor, they all look wider at top and narrow at bottom; not perfect square or rectangle.

This is very irritating as I don't see the correct shape/objects.

Is there a solution to this? Can a different lens design rectify this? If so which one?

My understanding is that a narrow near reading window is the issue.

Should there be a lens option with wider Near reading window?

Which option in Zeiss lenses? Or any other to resolve? (as the new Pairs are fitted with this Zeiss lense)

Appreciate your advise.

Kind Regards.

A: Hello Dhiraj

This is one of the most frequent problems with progressive lenses. Usually, before choosing the lens, you should be asked which activity is mostly used by you and the lens is chosen accordingly.

This means that if you read a lot, you choose a type of lens that has a wider close vision area.

There are more and more lenses that are adapted to your personal needs, and lately, all major companies are concerned about this and trying to make better lenses adapted to your personal needs.

For example:

Varilux S Series | Varilux Physio | Varilux Comfort | Varilux Lenses

Hope this helps,

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