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Q: I have an old eyeglass (metal) frame which I want to reshape into a new frame. I love the multi-color metal which is no longer available.

Is it possible to cut/reshape the metal frame and make the eye wires (?) a little smaller?

Thank you.

A: The frames, the metal frames are made usually from one peace of metal or wire and is glued together.

The technology of making this is available only at the frame factory and tempering with the shape of the frame involve cutting and gluing.

I don't think there is a person who can make this for you, and even if it is, the frame would not be stable and it will break.

There are tensions involved when mounting a lens in to the frame, and I don't think a glued frame can handle this.

Another thing, the shape, and size are carefully selected and designed before making the frame, so changing this would not be ok.

I think if you will do this, in the end, you will have a smaller, disproportionate frame in which you will not be able to mount a lense.

My advice is to search for another frame, there a lot of companies and possibilities for finding a nice frame, I'm sure there is one for you.

Hope this helps,

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