Lenses Thickness

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Lenses Thickness

Lenses Thickness

Q: Do the lenses on my new eyeglasses look right?

I haven't gotten wire frames in a long time, so I know the lenses look thicker than I'm used to with plastic frames. If you look at the edge of the lenses it looks like there is a border its on both lenses and feels raised.

I drew arrows on the picture showing what I am referring to. It doesn't affect anything and it's not super notice able, but I've never seen anything like that before.

They are progressive lenses which I have never worn before if that makes a difference?

Also they are supposed to be polished, but I'm not sure what unpolished looks like. They are not white but not clear either. I know done are polished they are see clear, I didn't wave that, but can't really tell if these are polished or not.

A: First congratulations for using progressive lenses, they represent the maximum comfort and efficiency in eyeglasses.
About your question, I think I see what you mean. You have thick lenses indeed, and I think it is normal to see the thickness, you can not hide it with such a frame. If you choose the polished edges, it should be completely transparent, no white or other color, just completely transparent.

You have a matt polishing, what is used for the very thick lenses for several reasons:

- The thick transparent lenses permit light to enter through the thick part and give optical aberrations, light rays that will interfere with your vision,
- The second reason is that the transparent polished lenses are slippery, and it has a slight movement in the frame.

The problem that you showed me it is indeed there, the image you sent me is not perfect, but I can see that the edge is white. Usually, this sharp white edge is corrected by making a dull edge, which looks and feels soft. I think this part of the polishing process was accidentally left out.

If it doesn't bother you, you can leave like that. If you don't like it , go back to the store and ask them to correct the lenses edge with a soft polishing.

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