Lens Transfer

by jennica jove

Q: Hi,

I just bought new eyeglasses but it seems that it doesn't fit me very well and it doesn't suit me at all, at first I thought its fine but it started to get uncomfortable when people notice its a bit big for my face...

Is it possible to have my lens transferred to another frame? What can I do with my old frame?

A: Hello Jennica,

Yes....the frame is too big for you...

I wonder how did they match the frame with your pupillary distance and the lens center...., not possible with this big frames.

The good news is that it is possible to reshape this lens to mount them in a smaller frame, but it needs to be smaller so they can reshape the lenses.

Take the eyeglasses to an optical shop and tell them you want the lenses in a smaller frame and they will find one that is ok for this lenses and for your face.

Hope this helps,

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