Hoya amplitude bks blurry?

Q: Looking right or left, vision is blurry close or far objects.

Optometrist says they are like that.

Need to look in the center of the lens to see clearly? True?

A: Hoya amplitude is a multifocal lens, so with the right prescription, you should see clearly far and close, this is the idea.

So if you see blurry, something is not right, the prescription or the lens mounting in the frame.

In any case, you should check it with your optician, because his answer is not correct, you do not make eyeglasses to see blurry...

He said you should look through the center.

This is a progressive lens, you have to look through the upper part of the lens for far distance, and the lower part for close vision.

So....this is not possible with a progressive lens to look only through the center.

Hope this helps,

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