Hair Dryer on Glasses

Q: Is it ok to use a hair dryer on glasses?

I always get annoyed how using a cloth seems to leave residue on my glasses, is it ok to dry them off after cleaning with a hair dryer, or could the heat/something else damage them?

A: I wouldn't go for the hair drier. Actually, I wouldn't go for anything that blows hot air.

The lenses have different layers of protection, antireflecting coatings or other enhancements that do not react well to hot air.

The stains and other residues are usually far stains from fingers or dirt so for all this you can wash the glasses with water with a sensitive soap, but not hot water.

For drying use a clean, dry cloth and this should be ok.

The hot air damage the coatings and after a while you have to replace the lenses, and if you have any warranty, you will lose it for using damaging methods.

So the answer is definitely no for hot air.

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