Glasses Problems

by Bthmh

Q: Just got my new glasses. I’ll list the main points of what happened and if anyone recognizes a pattern they can let me know.
The new prescription (Nikon See Coat Blue $300):

      sphere    cyl    axis    Pd
Od    +75      -1      95    68
Os       P      -75      95    68
Base curve is 5

I had a pair with base curve 2 and they gave me headaches.

I’ll post my old prescriptions if I can find them. But the prescription is weak and I am told is close to what I had before (Within 0.5)

The prescription is so weak I can turn my old and new glasses upside down or backwards and still see fine. Obviously my eyes seem to be able to compensate for short periods even if the prescription is switched left for right and is upside down.

The lab person convinced me to try these for a few days so I can adjust. Do I want to adjust? If I can see without glasses, or with my old glasses, should I force my eyes to adjust?

When I first put on the Glasses:

1. I felt a strange feeling like being sea sick (but not) or wearing a really low power drunk goggles (They bend light to simulate being drunk).

2. The feeling is much worse if I move my eyes or body.

3. The feeling is worse if I am moving or looking at moving things 5-20 feet away (When walking down the street).

4. Looking at things 1 foot away, or looking in a mirror feels great. Like vision is supposed to feel.

5. Looking out my left eye is fine. 20/20 vision and no “drunk goggles” effect.
5.1 Looking out my right eye is fine. 20/20 vision and no “drunk goggles” effect.
5.2 Looking out both eyes with the new glasses is a problem (See point 1,2,3).

6. Making circles with my thumb and finger and placing them in front of my glasses helps dramatically (But makes me look un-professional).

7. When trying to focus on text 3 feet away it is a bit hard to read.
7.1 Closing my left eye will make the text instantly sharp.
7.2 Closing my right eye will make things sharp after between a 1/2 second to a full second of time. (Fairly fast).

8. It feels like my depth perception is warped.

9. Or perhaps it feels like my 2 eyes refuse to cooperate past 3 feet when I wear this one particular pair of glasses.
9.1 Or it feels like I almost have double vision but the visions are too close together to be sure.

10. I have had similar septh perception feelings when I tried on My wife’s very strong prescription gasses. (Though I could manage to see through them ok).

11. The lab tech thought the wires on the half frame were too tight and could be warping the rim of the lenses but they checked them and the tension was OK.

Those are all the symptoms I can put into words.

If people could try to answer the question of why this has not happened with my other glasses I would appreciate it.

One last bit of info is that I have migraine halos caused by exposure to long tube florescent lights (And actual migraines if exposed for long enough).

Shiny floors (Wal-Mart) make it worse. Big windows with natural light make it better. I tried the FL-41 tint from the university in Utah, but it did not work for me.

A: Well, seeing the whole symptoms of vision you have with the new glasses I realize that you didn’t write one good thing about them.
Only thinks that make you feel bad, so the question is why buy these glasses?

As you wrote nicely, the glasses prescription is too strong for you; all the symptoms are specific to a strong prescription. The dizziness, the floating, the curves, the double vision, all are symptoms of a strong prescription.

You also said that your vision was better without glasses or with the old ones.

You should know that sometimes the right prescription for your vision is not the same with the right eyeglasses. Usually, the glasses are a little bit weaker because your eyes have adaptation, and they manage to produce the perfect vision not necessarily with the strongest prescription. That’s why you have the symptoms.

What I’m trying to say is that if you see well with the old ones and you have bothering symptoms with the new ones, maybe is better to keep the old ones.

Also, you can revision the prescription and the lenses type to get the best vision without the symptoms.

Hope this helps,

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Dec 15, 2014
by: Anonymous

I went back and asked about a weaker perscription. They had me try a -0.5 hand lens in front of my right eye (With my glasses on) it made everything way better! I could see better close AND far. My sphere would drop from +.75 to +.25

On a hunch I also tried my left eye and by adding +0.25 created a similar benifit (but not quite as good.)

I think this would be my new perscription:

sphere cyl axis Pd
Od +.25 -1 95 68
Os P -75 95 68

It looks awefully weak... but I can see better with it

They want me to try a few more days but I think the -.5 on the right solves the problem.

Thank you!!!!!

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