First Time Getting Glasses

by Jeremy
(Houston )

Q: I'm 37 and not told I need glasses. I keep hearing about having to get use to them but this seems different. If I cover one eye it's very clear, more than with out them. Same for the other.
Both together are very blurry and the right eye shows images closer. Is this normal?

A: Hallo Jeremy

Well, it seems that something is not right here. Usually, when you try on lenses at the consultation, you do it first with one eye, then with the other one and finally with both.

If you see clearly with both separately, that means the diopters are good, but if you have this symptom with both on your eyes, the eyeglass is too strong for you.

The binocular vision is different than the monocular, and I see from your explanation that the two eyes have different diopters. If you have a blurry vision, the eyeglass is too strong, and I think you will not get used to them easily.

My point is that you should go back to the consulting shop and ask for a revision, there is no point in trying to get used to them.

Hope this helps,

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