Eyeglasses to the Youngsters

by Joseph Thomas

Eyeglasses to the youngsters today are not only used for the purpose of utility, but for having an enormous influence of the look and style of them. The young people want to buy expensive and costly eyeglasses to increase the attractiveness of their faces. They do choose to possess them at any cost because it does a lot to their future and career, they think.

I agree that now the availability of the eyeglasses is an added advantage for the people who prefer to look fabulous in public. In a way, we can use them as to attract others, modify specifications of the facial appearance, to bring a variety in the crowd.

At the same time, there is the other extreme…

While the most important role of the eyeglasses is to correct the errors of the eye using the right lenses, many youngsters experience problems with short sight and long sight, and this is a serious problem today. Even we can use eyeglasses to correct these both short sight and long sight, I agree with the statement that there are many children who are deprived of the facilities of study due to their weakness and defects with their eyes. They are the ones who can not afford a pair of eyeglasses.

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Jul 24, 2013
Thank you for your contribution
by: Endre - Admin

Interesting your opinion Thomas, about the contrast between young people that buy expensive glasses just to look good and those in need who can not afford even to correct vision problems.

My opinion is that using glasses as accessories to enhance your look is a beneficial thing. It's good that young people today can take advantage of a big selection of frames and lenses. At the same time can not be denied that many poor people can not afford a pair of glasses so vital, that can help them see clearly to read their school books, hold a job and see the faces of their loved ones.

And to finish in an optimistic way, because:

“No one has ever become poor by giving” – Anne Frank –

Visit the following links if you want to make a donation, or share this page if know people who need help to get a pair of eyeglasses:

Lions Club International

TOMS Eyewear One for One

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