Eyeglasses That Eliminate Glare?

by Theresa J.
(Malden, MA, US)

Q: I am supposed to wear eyeglasses, but I have been avoiding them because there is a horrible glare and it makes it very hard for me to see. Are there specific eyeglasses out there that will eliminate the issues so I can wear my glasses as I should?

A: The whole idea of wearing eyeglasses is to see better, to have a clear vision all the time, so if this is not happening, that means that something's wrong with your glasses or your eyes. Usually, the prescription is wrong, but there can be other issues in this matter.

You can have glare due to the following reasons:

You have wrong prescription for glasses.

In this case, you should recheck your eyes before making another pair of glasses. For this, you must go to an optometrist for an eye exam, or you should try an ophthalmologist, to check if there is not another issue non eyeglass related. In this case, maybe you will receive a medical prescription that will solve the problem, and then try the eyeglasses.

You are highly sensitive to light.

This means that any time you go outside or just in stronger light, your eyes react by making a lot of tears or glare to protect your eyes.

In this case, the photochromic lenses can help you, or the prescription sunglasses. I suggest you the photochromic lenses because they have the capacity to darken in bright light. This way, your eyes will be protected no matter how much light is around you, and they become transparent when is dark.

The anti-reflective coating is mandatory and also extremely helpful in reducing glare and light, clearing the image and keeping it clear for you.

The prescription sunglasses are also a convenient option, but because they are dark all the time, you are not able to wear them in the evening or night time, so you will need an extra pair of glasses for this situation.

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Jul 27, 2013
Thank you so much!
by: Theresa J.

Thank you for the quick reply. It is good to know that I will not have to worry about this issue once I get glasses.

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