Eyeglass Prescription Conversion

by Steve

Q: Can an eye prescription be converted into a power# like +1.5, +2, +2.5 etc? I just visited the eye doctor for a prescription for glasses (long range).

Now I would like to get me a pair of reading glasses without having to go back to the eye doctor. Trying to save some money.

A: First question is if you need close vision glasses?

The near vision lenses are prescribed to persons above 40 years old and indeed is an addition to the far vision lenses. If you are above 40 and you don't see to read with the far vision glasses then probably you have presbyopia, and you need close vision glasses.

I ask you this because usually, the far vision glasses and near vision lenses are prescribed in the same session, so you don't need to come back and pay again for the prescription.

If you didn't get a prescription for close vision, the best thing for your health and eyes is to check again with the doctor. Maybe you can tell him or she to consider the same consult financially.

The cheaper way is to try on some glasses and see wich are good for you, but if you have astigmatism or big diopters, is hard to find this kind of glasses to try on. To find your presbyopia addition, you will need the try-on lenses, which you can find at the doctor.

In the end, there is the optician, who I think will not make you a pair of eyeglasses without a prescription. So the only possibility to solve this the cheaper way is to try on ready-made glasses.

Hope this helps,

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