Exam for Readers

by RickGP
(Greenwich, CT, USA)

Q: I have a written prescription for my general purpose glasses. Do I need to take another eye exam for reading glasses?

A: Hello

I see your problem. I can tell you that an eye exam should be complete.

For example, if you go to an optometrist, he/she should check the distance vision, close vision, interpupillary distance, mono and binocular vision.

If you go to an ophthalmologist, you should be verified all this and anterior pole, posterior pole ( retina), eye pressure, vision field and color vision test. All this is done on the first exam, and the doctor or optometrist decide what to do next time you go.

If you already have glasses, a recheck is always welcomed and should be done.
I saw a few times that when there are a lot of people waiting the doctor or optometrist is in a hurry and they only check what you present to him as a problem, so they skip steps...

Maybe this happened to you. Maybe you can go back and ask for the close vision checking also, and he/she should check it as part of the last consultation, so you don't pay extra. But if this was a while ago, is to late for that, but next time you will ask for both vision exams to avoid this situation.

Hope this helps,

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