Edges of Lenses

by John
(United States)

Q: I believe the edges of my lens are "dull" - they have an appearance similar to frosted glass. For a while I've noticed that small chips of the edges of the lens have been peeling off, especially when I rub them under water. Not the way glass normally chips- more like the way paint chips.

My understanding of the process used to create the dull edges is limited.

Are the chips coming off my lens from some kind of glaze or film used to create the effect? Or are they actual shards of glass?
If they are actually shards of glass, am I in danger if I accidentally ingest them or they get in my eyes?


A: The shaping process includes the option of dull or clear edge, and this option is applied to the lens according to the frame, namely how it looks better.

The question is what kind of lenses you have: glass or plastic?

If I correctly understand the material of your lenses is glass. In this case, the lenses edge peeling off is not typical. The chips could be from the anti-reflective layers or other coatings from the lens.

If the lens is plastic, it could be plastic chips from the shaping, but is not normal also to be there. Usually, they are taken off in the process.

Whatever plastic or glass, clearly is not healthy to ingest or come into your eyes, so my advice is to go back to the optical shop and explain the situation, and they should have a solution.

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