Does my latest prescription make sense?

by Keith W
(Scotland )

Q: For several years my prescription declared my right sphere as -3.75, left as -4.75.

My most recent visit (to the same optician) indicated that my eyesight had deteriorated slightly- which I expected.

However, on reading my new prescription it shows right sphere as -3.25, left as -4.25.

Is this feasible or am I incredibly stupid?
I am more than happy to accept a positive response to either of the questions posed!

A: Hello Keith

Normally, the myopia is a degenerative condition and it has 2 possibilities: it is stationary or it's progressing slowly or faster.

If your vision has decreased over the time, it is not right to have a smaller prescription, so it is unusual.

I would say that it is possible that the previous prescription was too strong and now it is corrected to the right one, or maybe the prescription is written wrong.

One other possibility is that you are over 40 and the presbyopia kicked in and then you need a + addition so your near vision prescription is smaller ( having -).

But in this case, the far vision prescription doesn't change.

So overall, I would suggest to go back and clear this out with your optician.

Hope this helps,

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