Do I have to get used to nosepads?

Q: I have been wearing glasses since I was a kid, however for over 2 years I have been wearing plastic frames with no nose pads.

I just made a switch to metal frames with nose pads and they have been bothering my nose to the point of uncomfortably.

Do I just need to get used to them?

A: One advantage that nose pads have is that they are adjustable, so if they bother you, you can always go to the optical shop and ask them to adjust the nose pads for you.

If they are too tight on your nose you will feel them all the time and they leave marks on your nose, but if they are too loose, your eyeglasses will slip down from your nose, so the best thing is to adjust them.

Of course, there is an adjustment period, but with the right position, it should be short.

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