Could my new lenses be defective?

by Sandy C

Q: My new glasses with new Varilux prescription arrived yesterday.

As I was leaving the Doctors office and driving home, I realized that looking through the lenses, there is a fine bright yellow vertical line across the top of each lens, about 1/3 of the way down from the frame rim and a fine bright blue vertical line across the bottom about 1/3 of the way up from the frame rim.

You can not see this line when looking at the front of the glasses, only when looking through the lenses.

I have had many pairs of Varilux and other Progressive lenses but have never ever experienced anything like this..

I believe this to be something defective in the manufacturing process..

Any suggestions?

Sandy C

A: Hello Sandy

There could be several problems here so I will give you some ideas...

The frame:

If you changed the frame, so it's a new one, maybe is thicker than the other one and you see the frame reflection in the lens.

The lenses:

If you have bigger diopters than before, the lens is thicker and has a reflection on the thicker part

If is not this, maybe is the antireflective coating that is playing tricks, rather is a different type that you are not used to, or is a coating defect.

There is the third option, that the problem is not the eyeglass but something changed in your eyes and you need a more complete consultation (cornea or lens problem), but if it were like this, you would see this with other glasses too.

Eather way, you should go back to the store and talk with your doctor about this.

Hope this helps,

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