Costco HD Progressive Lens vs Varilux Comfort Series

by Allen
(Ashburn, VA, USA)

Q: If given a choice between selecting between Costco HD Progressive Lens versus Varilux Comfort Series, which will you recommend.(Ignoring the prices).

Thanks very much.


A: Hello Allen

I must say I do not have a lot of experience with the Costco lenses, not as much as with the Varilux at least. But because I get a lot of questions about Costco, I did some research, and here it is....

The lenses industry is very vast, and lately a lot of companies have produced new and improved versions of progressive lenses, and I think there are no bad lenses.
For me, one way to make a difference between them is based on past experiences I had with these companies products and the peoples feedback.

For example, I have a long experience with Essilor (the Varilux producer) and maybe you will consider I'm not very objective talking about them. But I have to say that rarely I had unhappy clients, and the unhappy ones were typically unfortunate people....

The Varilux comfort lens is an excellent one, with a large clear vision zone, with very good quality coatings and a large number of options available like:

- High index
- Photochromatic
- Big diopters

I know that my clients who had Varilux before asked for them again.

About the Costco HD Progressive lenses, I think they are good also, but I cannot put them in the same category. I heard about pleased clients but also unhappy ones.
There are very different opinions, but in the end, I think is about the price and the Costco lenses are cheaper.

You said the price does not matter, so we put this aside, and my vote goes to Varilux for the tradition and my personal experience.

Hope this helps,

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Mar 14, 2016
Varilux vs other brands
by: Andy

The Varilux name is a complete hype. It's completely not needed , I have used many different brands , the skill of the optician along with an accurate Rx is what determines the results.

I have recently purchased a digital (HD) Varilux brand lenses , and they have been the most difficult to use than any of all the other brands I have used. In many cases I did find that the Big box stores have many more issues with their lens quality resulting and difficult adjustment to the lenses.

I will stick with paying more and getting the comfortable for from the local optician I use.

Apr 09, 2017
Love my Varilux
by: Karen

When I first got bifocals, over 20 years ago, I eent with Varilux. Only once did I purchase elsewhere. Walmarts Vision tech pointed out the minimal difference in width at the widest part. I found I was turning my head more to the side when working on the computer and referencing paperwork. It was neccessary to turn my head further in order to be looking more through the bifocal center area than the outside edge. The next pair of glases were Varilux. What a difference. That fraction of an inch on the lens becomes critically different when the focus area is 11-18 inches away.
Now I find that my vision store no longer sells Verilux. I will be checking around on pricing for options.

Jun 03, 2017
Progressives are too often a shot in the dark
by: Anonymous

Progressive lenses are as good as the optician is skilled. It's not just the fitting and adjustments, it's the near impossible job of confirming the prescription is correctly reprodoced by the surfacing lab. On top pf this headache, few to none of us dispensers have the skill or the costly equipment needed to read the thru power of digital leneses to define the actual size of the areas of distance, intermediat and near that are within tolerance.

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