Can't adjust to Autograph II

by Ken
(Dayton Ohio USA)

Q: I am 63 with mild cataracts. Have been wearing progressives for years. Not seeing as I would like too. But, satisfactory.

My last pair are Varilux Free Form. 2.5 years old. My current prescription hasn't changed much other than a axial change of .5. That is how I remember it being explained by optician.

I got the Autograph II and see worse. Have worn a couple days. Problem is I need to look at very top for anything long to mid distance, even while I drive. Reading distance is very hard to find a sweet spot also.

Varilux was much easier on this even when I first started with them. If I look at same reading text at short distance and same sign at long distance, the Varilux are still better. I just take off one pair and put other on without moving my head. I know time is needed to adjust. But, should it be so hard comming from similar quality lenses. I doubt doctor misdiagnosed and the optician says glasses are made to what he ordered. Not sure how they tell that. Is it just Autograph for some folks. I think I am around +2.50, so not very high with that measure. Any ideas how to proceed. I don't want to reorder unless they come up with a definite issue. Maybe get new prescription in the latest Varilux. I didn't think these two glasses would be so far apart for me.


A: Hello Ken

I first must congratulate you for having only the best eyewear you can have: the progressive eyeglasses. I also can understand your frustration about the changes so I will try to give you some hints about changes that I hope will help you.

First, I think the biggest problem is described by you in the first proposition: the cataract. This is sadly a condition that is always advancing and disrupting the vision until you decide is enough and make the lens transplant.

It comes a moment in its evolution when no eyeglass can help improving your vision and you will just spend money for expensive eyeglasses for nothing. The only cure for the cataract is the operation and any other option is just means postponing and extra-money-spending.

If you don’t do the surgery, it will only get bigger and deteriorate your vision further. The other problem with the cataract is that in its evolution, it is continuously changing your diopters because of the inflammation inside the crystalline lens, so it will be harder and harder to get a good pair of glasses and to remain good for more than 6 month.

So, from this point of view, I recommend you an ophthalmological consultation followed by the proper steps to ensure a final good result.

I can tell you that I don’t prescribe progressive lenses to cataract patients, usually is happening exactly as you described and there is a lot of money spends for short time wearing eyeglasses.

But… if the surgery is not an option for you yet, we must look at the glasses a little bit. You said there are no big changes with the diopters; this makes me think the problem is in the mounting of your personal measurements in to the lens.

I think they did something wrong because with the same diopters and lens category you should see the same. The fact that you search for the sweet spot and find it hard, it could be because it is misplaced.

I only say this because you mentioned that you see better with the old Varilux, because if not, I would place the blame on the cataract.

So maybe you should do a recheck of eyes and diopters, but my opinion is that if the Varilux was the better one, you don’t need to change them, or make the new ones the same because you are already used to them .

For any other questions about glasses or cataract surgery don’t hesitate to make a comment.

Hope this helps,

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Jul 14, 2014
by: Ken

Thanks for the Reply Arpi :)

Jul 24, 2014
Getting new glasses
by: Ken

Hi Arpi,

Decided to return Autograph II after your reply. They did not work, maybe too many corridors for me, I don't know.

I got a pair of Varilux Comfort DRx and they worked immediately upon putting on. It is same brand I had before trying Auto II. I am sure these are less expensive then the Auto II, but Eye Clinic won't refund difference.

Says they have a cost in returning the returned lenses. I was told by my previous eye doctor they had window for returning lenses at no cost. They said if the second pair, the Varilux, did not work out either they would refund my money.

So don't understand why they won't credit me the price difference in the glasses. Do eye clinics have to pay on all returns of lenses or do they give a window?



Jul 27, 2014
return policy
by: Arpi

Well Ken, first I’m glad that you find the right solution for your problem and now you have the right glasses.

About the warranty and the return window, I can only tell you that every company has its own policy about returning and this is different for each of them. Basically, it’s about how much they are willing to let go and make you happy.

Normally, this policy should be written in the store or they should give you a kind of brochure to let you know their way. Some stores give you back the difference when you change lenses, some are not, but what I can tell you for sure is that if you are a good client there and you buy your glasses from them, they should do this for you just to keep you as their client.

Jul 28, 2014
by: Ken

Hi Arpi,

Their most recent reason on no refund is that the Autograph II were part as part of a package and the Varilux is not, as they don't shoe them. I can understand that and let it go.

My frustration is that they can't give me a new receipt showing what I now have with them. Their computer won't allow it. I said i don't care about it showing price. Just showing the right classes I bought. Even something on letterhead. They said they will print and send out the order they did to the lab for my glasses. Not sure what all that will say as it relates to my name and purchase.

Thanks for all your help and advice Arpi. Think I will go back to my long time eye doctor. Never an issue there.


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