Blurriness in my new glasses

by James
(Texas )

Q: I have a really weird problem with my new glasses. I went to a new eye doctor this year and it's been a huge mess!

When I got my glasses with new prescription, the bottom part of the glasses were blurry and everything else was okay so it was giving me headaches and I was seeing things part blurry.

When I went back to my doctor with this problem, she said that it might be my new added astigmatism prescription that's causing it so she send the glasses back to take away the astigmatism part of the glasses.

I got my fixed glass yesterday and now all the problems are in an opposite way. The bottom part is not blurry anymore but the top part of the glass is blurry!! I am really frustrated right now!

Can someone tell me what is going on? should I go to a new doctor?

Btw my sister is also having the same bottom part blurriness on her new glasses too.

A: Hello James

First thing I need to ask you if the glasses are progressive ones or just monofocal?

If they are progressive, then it is a prescription problem, the far and close vision parts are too strong or too weak and this is the problem.

If your eyeglasses are monofocal, only one diopter all over the lens, just for far vision or just for close vision, then there can be 2 problems.

1. There are some problems with the lenses because you should see the same all over the lens, so seeing blurry on one part of the lens it means the lens is defective.

2. There is this kind of problem when the interpupillary distance is wrong, the center of the lens is mounted too high or too low in the frame.

Your vision is best when you look through the focal point of the lens, if it's too high when you look down, is blurry, same is it's too low, you see clearly down but blurry when you look up.

Another option is that you have a medical condition that combined with glasses, gives you blurry vision, but I realized it's not the case when you told me your sister has the same problem.

So.... Go back to the optical shop and remake the eyeglasses, I think is the only solution.

Hope this helps,

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