Blue Lenses

by Jenny

Q: Using a slightly different cylinder value for prescription/are blue lenses (digital screen protection glasses) worth it?

I'm looking to get two pairs of glasses that are on sale online, but one of the pairs I chose cannot be made with a -0.50 CYL for my right eye.

The glasses will allow me to input a -0.25 CYL prescription, but nothing higher than that.

Is it okay to order these glasses with a slightly different cylinder, or will this affect my eyesight? Will the difference even be noticeable?

Also, I'm wondering if it's worth it to try the blue lenses (digital screen protection) instead of the basic lenses. The price difference isn't much greater, but I've never worn "blue glasses" before, so I'm not sure if I should try them out or just get the basic lenses.

Thank you.

A: Hello Jenny,

Normally, a prescription is written to offer you the maximum vision, so the best solution for your problem. This is done by the specialist after a consultation made to offer you the best solution.

If you temper your prescription, you have to assume the fact that maybe your vision will not be the best, you may experience blurry vision or other symptoms associated with a wrong prescription. (Headaches, excessive tearing, fatigue).

Financially, there is a risk that you spend money for a product that is not best for you, and then you will spend more money for the right one.

Maybe it is a good idea to write an email to the site owners and explain your problem, maybe they will find the right lenses for you and make a good deal.

About the blue lenses, I must say they are good lenses, and if the price difference is negligible, you should try them, they offer you extra protection and you cannot compare them with the basic option.

Then , they are not really blue lenses, they just have an extra coating of protection that looks like an antireflective coating, in the end, the lenses are white ( transparent), so they will look a lot like a simple antireflective lens.

I would say try them, I think you will like them.

Hope this helps,

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