Best First Time Progressive Lenses

by Gary

Q: What are the best index or type lenses for first time progressive lens wearer, for small prescription?

A: I think by small prescription you mean small diopters.

As you know, when we talk about lens thickness, there is a difference between(-) and (+) lenses at the edge. The (-) lens is thicker at the edge and the (+) is thinner at the edge.

When we talk about progressive lenses, usually the lens is shaped according to the diopters so usually, the thickness is decided but the diopters.

If you have small diopters, the lenses are usually thin. This means that is not necessary to buy a high index lens. If your maximum diopter doesn't exceed 3 diopters, and you do not have a big astigmatism, the normal 1.5 index lens is a good lens.

Now, if we talk about frames, if you choose a full frame, plastic or metal, even the thicker lenses look good, but if you choose a rimless frame, you can see the lens edges, so the diopters will decide the index of the lens.

I think the best thing for you is to go to an optical shop and they can show you different types of frames and lenses to choose from.

As an advice, choose high index lenses only if you have big diopters because the price of these lenses are higher than the normal lens.

Hope this helps,

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