BACK to Monofocal Lenses?

by Chuck
(Ipswich MA)

Q: I suspect I no longer need the progressive lenses I've worn for fifteen years, and don't want to pay for something I don't need. So I wonder if I couldn't get plain old monofocal lenses for distance (driving, movies, computer, etc.) and simply take them off for close work. Anybody else have similar experiences or hints?

While younger I was fairly nearsighted, something I inherited from my mother. But as I've gotten older my father's genetic contribution has kicked in (he was quite farsighted in old age) to slowly cancel out much of my nearsightedness. At this point I read and do close work better withOUT any lenses at all (apparently this is common, as the last optometrist told me it would happen). I still need the lenses for driving (and movies) and for computer work though.

The "progressive" aspect of my current lenses doesn't seem to be of any use any more. It took several (significantly awkward) days to adapt to my progressive lenses initially.

What's it like to UN-adapt, going back from progressive lenses to mono lenses? (I'm pretty much resigned to the idea my peripheral vision will never come back. But I'm curious what else might or might not happen?)

A: Hello Chuck,

I must tell you that this situation is indeed common and happens a lot.

The good news is that you will need only far vision lenses and for the near you will see just fine without glasses so… you can go on without the progressive lenses.

About the adaptation with the monofocal lenses, I would say that is easier and much simpler than the reverse (with the progressives). Because the monofocal lenses have a center and the whole lense have the same diopter, the peripheral vision has the chance to be restored without problems.

I personally never heard of a progressive wearer to have any adaptation problems with monofocal glasses, so I expect you to do just fine.

What I’m trying to say is that you should not have any surprises and nothing should happen.

Hope this helps,

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