Aspheric Glasses

by Chuck

Q: How can I tell if my glasses are actually aspheric?

My old glasses were 1.67 aspheric lenses and I'm happy with them. My Rx changed slightly (0.25D), and when I ordered the new glasses I bought the identical frame and told them to match the base curve and give my 1.67 aspheric just like before. With the new glasses, my vision is "swimming" and they are about twice as thick.

I'm skeptical that I actually got 1.67 aspheric, but they claim to have ordered that. I don't know what to do besides blow another $300 someplace else.

Is there any way to know what kind of lenses I actually got?

A: Hello Chuck,

The thing is that the base curvature is different for different companies. So if you order lenses with the same characteristics but from different companies, they may differ a little bit.

But as you explained, they are twice thicker, so the difference is pretty significant. At 0.25 diopters difference, the lens should be almost the same.

The only way you could verify the lenses is by getting the lens package because on them are the factory characteristics of them. There you can see what kind of lenses you got.

Otherwise, you can go to a different optical shop and show them the lenses and ask their opinion but this can be subjective.

I think that you can also show the difference between the two lenses and ask them about that. The fact that is only 0.25 diopters difference does not explain your distorted vision also, so maybe they did something wrong. You should go back and ask about it.

Hope this helps,

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