by Dirk
(Littlefork, MN. USA)

Q: Is there anything I can do to stop my glasses from fogging up when I come inside from the cold or drink hot beverages?

A: Foggy lenses are a common issue, due the fact that many people work in cold or wet environment, like kitchens with a lot of steam, or dealing with cold-hot changes all the time, so...

Yes, there are two anti-fogging methods:

1. You can get individual eyeglass lenses with anti-fogging layer on it. For example from Essilor: the Optifog Lenses that comes with a spray with a special solution for them.

These particular lenses contain a thin layer of protective coat that transforms the fog in water so the lenses cannot remain foggy.

You just put this unique solution that you receive on the lenses as told. You have to clean the solution with a neat cloth until it is absorbed and you will have fog free lenses.

2. Use a particular wet-cloth for wiping the lenses, with a special solution on it that will prevent the fogging. For example Anti-Fogging cloths.

This work on almost any type of lenses and if you have anti-reflective coating, better because the cloth works better in this case. How you use this cloth depends which type it is, but the manufacturer or the optician will explain you how to use them. Easy and fog-free.

Both this options are plentiful, and you can find them normally in any optical shop. You should go to your optical store and explain your optician this problem and see which of these two options is cheaper and faster to get. If not, there are always the online stores that will help you.

I tested these two options, and I know they have extremely beneficial anti-fogging proprieties.

Hope this helps,
Arpi - Admin

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Jul 25, 2013
anti-fogging cloth
by: dirk

ty very much for the info....I will be buying those anti-fogging cloths today! again thanks!

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