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by Marius

Q: Hi, I am 45 and my prescription are:


I went to 3 opticians asking for PC lenses and they all said to wear for computer or distance or close eyeglases,they did not know what are "intermediate" lenses.

Now i have progresive glasses and close glasses not working at PC(terrible headaches lasting 24 h,eye pain etc.)

I want to order online "single vision intermediate lenses" and want to know what diopter to use(distance or near)?

"Single vision intermediate lenses" with +0.75 have enough range at PC (approx 80 cm) and good for close work?

Do i need CYL correction?

A: Hello Marius,

The accommodation is the process that the eye use to see close and far. If you have any refractive problem, in your case astigmatism and presbyopia, you need to compensate both for a clear vision at all distances.

The thing with presbyopia is that you need different diopters to see far and close.

Further, you look, smaller the diopters.

For example, if you have +0.75 for close vision (30-40 cm), you will need smaller for 1-2 m, and even smaller for far vision (3m - infinite).

If the difference between close and far diopters is big (more than 1-2 diopters), then you cannot use same diopters for different distances, and you have to see which diopters are good for which distance.

For example close vision +3.00, intermediate +2.00, far +1.00. same with you.

The correct diopters for intermediate vision are found making the consult for all distances, so if you want a single vision eyeglass, you need to ask the optometrist or ophthalmologist to check your vision at the computer distance that you use.

The astigmatism part that you have (cylinder diopters) will be present in all distance glasses, this is mandatory.

Yours is small (-0.50 cylinder) but if it improves your vision, wear it.

You have progressive lenses, this means that the intermediate vision diopters are included in the middle of the lens between far and close vision diopters, you should find the right position of view to find it and use it for the computer.

If you have headaches when using progressive, something is not right and maybe you need a second eye check up.

Hope this helps,

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