2nd Pair of Progressives

by Joe Mass
(Atlanta, GA)

Q: I am getting a second pair of progressives in a completely different frame. I am also getting HD progressives in the second frame and have normal progressives in my normal frame.

I will probably be wearing the new pair 30% of the time, but I am worried about headaches and eyestrain because of switching between them.

Should I be worried about this?

Also, if I get the same type of HD progressive lens in both frames, will I still have troubles? The frames are very different (short rectangle vs round)?

Thank you!

Joe Mass

A: Hello Joe,

I see here a very satisfied customer because you have two pairs of progressive glasses.

My question: have you the same diopters in both frames?

I think this is the important thing that decide your vision. I will assume that the diopters are the same, so I can tell you that usually, and if the lenses mounting is made correctly in both frames, you should not have any problems.

The vision is decided by the diopters; the same diopters should give you same image no matter of frame shape. That one is HD any the other is not is a small difference. Is about the lenses manufacturing, not necessarily about vision, so you shouldn't feel significant differences.

One problem could be the frame size because if one frame is very small you need a particular progressive lens that has a lower profile. One small and one normal, this could be a problem.
If both frames are standard sized, then is ok.

Also, the different colored antireflective coating could bother you, because of the different light refraction and reflection given by the different colors, if this is not the case, then it should be ok.

As you can see, is all about the big differences between the two eyeglasses, mainly about diopters, the rest should not be a problem.

Usually, the headache appears if the diopters are different, and the eyestrain has an independent cause from the eyeglass, a dry eye syndrome, for example, a condition that needs separate treatment.

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Hope this helps,

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