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Latest updates 

Aug 11, 2017

About Intermediate lenses

Q: Hi,I am 45,my prescription are: Distance:-0.50 Near:+0.75 Cyl:-0.50 I went to 3 opticians asking for PC lenses and they all said to wear for computer

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Jul 31, 2017

Should I wear my glasses all the time?

Q: I have glasses that correct for astigmatism and farsightedness, mostly because I experience some eyestrain. My eyedoctor told me to use my glasses

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Jul 31, 2017

Objects past 20' are blurry

Q: I have just gotten new glasses (Visio lenses, the newest Physio I'm told)) and everything seems fine up to 20'. However, past 20' everything past

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Jul 31, 2017

Should i wear my glasses full time

Q: Currently, I am 43 when I was 41 I got my first the prescription was +1.25 in both eyes and -0.5 cyl. Now as I faced some difficulty in near Vision.

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Jul 29, 2017

Now need Reading Glasses

Q: I'm 42 and now need reading glasses. My RX is for +1.75. The eye doc suggested 1/2 frames. Frankly I don't like them. Also, I'm a surgeon. I

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Jun 02, 2017

Size of Rimless Frames

Q: I wonder why do they use the lens size in rimless frames? As the frames are rimless anyone should be able to put lens of almost any reasonable size

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Apr 14, 2017

Could Making Wrong Choice on Duochrome Test Affect Prescription?

Q: Hello! I've had a new prescription written based on my eye exam. As part of flipping the various lenses, the optometrist asked me to choose if letters

Continue reading "Could Making Wrong Choice on Duochrome Test Affect Prescription? "

Apr 13, 2017

Near Reading Verifocal Lenses

Q: 2 x varifocal glasses with Zeiss Lenses. I had to get this new pairs made as my eye prescription changed. Both new pair reading good but not happy

Continue reading "Near Reading Verifocal Lenses"

Apr 13, 2017

Metal Frame

Q: I have an old eyeglass (metal) frame which I want to reshape into a new frame. I love the multi-color metal which is no longer available. Is it possible

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Apr 13, 2017

Foldable Glasses

Q: Is foldable eyeglasses still exist? How many people still using this? What is the reason by using this? A: Hello Julia Yes, they exist, you just

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