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Q: I have used reading glasses for years, but now I also need intermediate lenses for the car dashboard, TV, etc.

I just got a pair of Varilux Physio 360, and it is like looking through a circle. I can focus on about four words wide (or three Excel narrow columns) and about a half dozen lines of text on the screen. Everything else is out of focus.

Eye doctor is closed for the holiday, so I figure I'll go Tuesday night when he gets back, but want a little feedback on how normal this is or what could be wrong. For $700 I thought they'd be great.

A: I must congratulate you for choosing such high-quality lenses to wear. But I’m very sorry that they don’t meet the requirements you expect them to have.

Typically, the Physio 360 are excellent lenses. Along with them is considered not just the diopters, but also the frame you choose for and your behavior with these glasses on your nose.

So, the optician does n't put just a pair of lenses with your diopters in a frame but he/she measure everything on your face: the frame size, your eye movement and head movement. Based on these measurements, they “ tailor” a pair of lenses that should serve you close to perfection.

So here is my first question:

Did they make all this measurements when you ordered the glasses? I mean the:

- Interpupillary distance
- Frame angle on your face
- Fitting height
- Vertex and the frame curvature

You need these measures, so you can have a pair of perfect lenses. If they didn’t make these measurements, the reason for your problem is clear. If they did them, one of the reasons can be that some are incorrect.

My second question is:

Did your prescription change lately?
Because one of the reasons that could lead to this kind of symptoms you describe is wrong diopters, that are too big for your eyes. For example lets say you had + 2.00 before, and you jumped directly to +3.00 and made your first progressive lenses. An accommodation period is needed and in the beginning you feel dizzy, or you see in a circle like you explained.

The same situation is if you had a simple spherical diopter before and now you have cylindrical lenses, used for compensating astigmatism, so the accommodation period is longer.

If none of these two situations is real, then it is possible that the lenses are good, but they did something wrong when mounting the lenses in the frame.

These are the situations that COULD be the reason for your discomfort. I try to find a reason because I have some experience with these lenses, and all my clients were satisfied with them. The symptoms you described are not usual so it would be a good idea to check with your optician everything again and find the problem.

Of course, there is an accommodation period for the progressives and maybe this is a part of the problem, but before blaming the accommodation, check if everything is done correctly.

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Nov 04, 2014
by: Anonymous

The shop had me look into a light behind the mirror, then at a bar off to the right and move my eyes back to the light (not my head).

These are my first prescription glasses. I will see what the Dr. says tonight.

Nov 04, 2014
still problems
by: Richard

I went to the Dr. and he checked the prescription and called the Store to have me go and check something about the angles. I went there and they adjusted the angle from the frame, which improved a little, and told me it is normal to not have more than a couple inches in focus. That I have to learn to move my head.

But as I move my head, the whole computer tilts back and forth. It looks concave.

As I look at this little reply box on my screen, I have to move my head to see both ends of the line.

Nov 06, 2014
by: Arpi

Well, if they checked the angles and the doctor have checked your prescription and everything was ok, then maybe the problem is that is harder for you to adapt to this kind of lenses.

Depends on the store, but there should be an adaptation warranty that allows you to change the lenses with different ones if you fail to adjust.

I would say that try to wear them at least two weeks, and if you did not adapt with them, then go back and see the options you have.

More information on the warranty:

Glasses Warranty

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