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Q: Currently, I am 43 when I was 41 I got my first the prescription was +1.25 in both eyes and -0.5 cyl.

Now as I faced some difficulty in near Vision. I went again for a checkup and the new prescription is +2.5 and -0.75 sphere in the right eye and +2.75 and -0.5 in left eye along with 0.5 cylindrical in both eyes.

Now should I wear glasses full time as earlier? I wore them only while reading the paper but in last few days I notice I am not able to see price tags in supermarkets, can't see the name of the caller on a smartphone.

I am facing difficulties in reading the menu card and even while cooking when I have to check expiry dates.

A: Hello
As I see, the prescription is made only for near vision, for presbyopia, so u should wear them only for reading or working closely.

If you start wearing reading glasses, after a while, the eye muscles relax and you will see harder without the glasses, this is normal.

But your diopters doubled in such a short time, this is not normal, maybe the second eyeglass is too strong for you.

I think you should make another ophthalmic consultation, and check if you need separately diopters for far and close vision.

Hope this helps

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Jul 31, 2017
by: Anonymous

My sphere number for distance is 0.5 and 0.75 so the optician said I need glasses for distance also.

I think the prescription rise is correct as I am not able to read the menu and text on phone from 25 cm even with my glasses.

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